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Landscaping for 1870s House in NJ

I would appreciate some suggestions for the front landscaping for my new-to-me 1870s home. My current feeling is that while I was lucky to inherit mature landscaping (from the 90s) the shrubs are too large for the space and do not accentuate our lovely porch which we just had rebuilt. The porch is not yet stained and painted, so please imagine it with white risers and railings!
I am considering taking out (and trying to transplant elsewhere on the property) the huge sawara cypresses and the dwarf spruce and replacing them with either box balls or inkberry holly. I planted a Don Juan rose to the left of the porch that will eventually be trained up the left pillar. I am not married to the box idea, and am open to other suggestions for foundation planting. In front of any evergreen shrubs, I would love to have deep perennial beds.
I am also considering having borders on either side of the brick walkway, but am not sure what would look good (maybe dense alliums, but what for the rest of the year?)
I would also like to plant a shade tree in the front lawn (maybe an acer griseum or an American hornbeam), but am wondering if it would make more sense to plant two smaller ornamental trees to accentuate the symmetry of the house.
Any thoughts? This is on .75 of an acre in central NJ (zone 6) with fertile soil on the clay/acid side of things. The house is east-facing and does experience deer pressure. I love gardening, and would be happy to have something more high maintenance than the usual assortment of evergreen shrubs I see around.

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