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Can anyone provide feedback/ideas on a main floor remodel?

Tammy Johnson
2 months ago


I am having a layout dilemma and would love some feedback on a main floor remodel that we're planning. The primary reason for remodel is to update the space and move the bathroom that currently sits right off of the kitchen.

The first picture is of the existing floor plan. The outside wall of the family room walks out to a four season porch, if that matters.

The second and third picture are of layout ideas we've been given.

In the first one, I worry the island is too big and will leave a big chunk of unused open space. Also, I worry that there will be a bottleneck between the kitchen table & the island.

On the last plan I'm concerned we're cramming too much into the space as it's really not that big. I don't want us to be tripping over each other trying to navigate all of the furniture.

I'm struggling to visualize either of these options and hoping to get feedback/thoughts/opinions on the below plans, and I am open to new ideas as well.

Thank you!

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