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It's that time of year....

laceyvail 6A, WV
2 months ago

when deer start seeking out winter browse. My gardens are just in their second season and in this little town that offers just lawns and a couple of shrubs here and there, the deer have been deeply interested in the smorgasbord of new plants they've never seen before. Just last night they came into the yard and nibbled extensively on the Physocarpus 'Red Robe' and the Heptacodium 'Temple of Bloom', both plants that are normally highly resistant. They also nibbled some of the Hydrangea 'Quick Fire', a plant they will eat happily, but so close to the house--in the corner between the house and the porch, that they've left it alone until now.

I sprayed all three pretty heavily with Liquid Fence; I don't want them to acquire a taste for the first two--and I want them to learn respect for the Hydrangea.

Oh, deer!

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