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ground cover options Zone 5b

I am considering killing some of the grass in my front lawn this year, and then put in some ground cover plants in the spring. I suspect I'll try it in a 20'x10' area of the yard, furthest from my house. My total front yard is about 30'x30', and most of it is over my septic leach field; this would be an area furthest from the tank.

I'm considering creeping thyme, creeping speedwell, wild strawberry (Fragaria viginiana), or Corsican mint. I'm leaning towards the speedwell or strawberry because they're local, but I've kinda always wanted a fragrant herb lawn.

I'm just wondering if anyone's got any experience with any of these options? I rarely walk on the lawn, I have no pets and no little kids to run on it. Are any of them faster spreading, or more aggressive than the others?

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