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nectarine tree Trunk is oozing sap

2 months ago

I have a nectarine tree we planted in our front yard on a slope about 2.5 years ago. had a really great harvest this year for how small it is (about 100+ fruits even after a few the bugs got to or ones I had to prune late because of branches sagging). the fruits were perfect and delicious, the leaves have looked healthy all summer, and the bark is fine other than there are multiple spots on the base of the main trunk that are oozing sap.

I can't see any boring evidence but I also don't see signs of the tree being sick from a fungus, except for these big oozing spots of amber sap. it started with just one and now there are 4 or 5. Any ideas? should I do anything for it? Can I do anything for it? I really want this tree to live a long life. We love our nectarines!!