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Help for Victorian floorplan layout?

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

We're gutting an 1870 Victorian that is currently a duplex with a separate upstairs and downstairs. The goal is to join the spaces w an internal staircase so it can be used as a single-family or as a duplex but the primary function would be single-family. I'd love any thoughts on the floor plan we've come up with, please poke holes or give any suggestions on how to improve. Thank you so much in advance, this is the hardest part for me, the endless options are overwhelming!

A few details:

* There is a large backyard so there will be access outdoors from both levels. Not sure if the access through bedrooms is too odd? Is there another option that would better maximize the space?

* The upper floor has 12' ceilings in the front and 10' in the back and the bottom floor has 8' ceilings which is why the main living spaces are upstairs

* No windows can be moved on the left/ north west side due to an out-of-compliance setback

* The front bedrooms on both floors in the proposed plans could also be used to extend the main living space with large double-doors

* What else should I be considering?

Ideas for access to the back

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