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kitchen layout advise

2 months ago

Hello! I’m looking for input on the below kitchen design plan. We plan to renovate in 2024. Some background info: I live in a 100 year old center hall colonial. We are only renovating the kitchen. The sliding doors have to stay b/c we have an existing patio and also I do like them. The windows can be moved. We are a family of 2 adults and 3 children, ages 3-9. I cook most days, but I never make elaborate meals. When we eat as a family of five we will eat in our dinning room. I expect the island seating to be used for breakfast in the morning, meals on the go, entertaining.

My biggest concerns looking at this layout…

1- The island… size, placement, layout. I don’t want to make the mistake of having too big of an island… but I do like the idea of more separation between the chairs and the sink. Should I try to 8x5 or 8x4.5? 7x5? Also I like the idea of a stool or two that can slide out from under the counter on one side, in addition to the main island chairs. 4 chairs sitting in a row doesn’t appeal to me unless people can pull out a stool and sit alone the side too. In an ideal world I could sit 5 at the island. Never for family meals, but when we have people over.

Clearance between the stove and sink. Should my priority be to make the island bigger or increase the distance between the stove and sink, if choosing?

Anything else that I am just not thinking of? This is my first time renovating a kitchen.

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