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What color for the exterior brackets?

2 months ago

Hi all, I am building a new home in Florida. The exterior house color will be white (BM White Dove most likely), with a barrel tiled black roof, and black windows. The front door & garage doors will be black. The two "awning style" roof sections & the small roof section under the front entry peak will be black metal. I will be adding brackets underneath those awnings according to the arch design (attached). But for the peak on the left side of the house, I'll have a bracket under the peak itself, and then on on either side at the bottom of the peak. For the peak on the right, there will only be a bracket under the center peak. My big dilemma is should I paint the brackets (either white or black) or stain them. Architectural Depot has urethane wood-look brackets that take a stain. I am thinking the wood-look would add some warmth to the home...I just don't want it to look too farmhouse-y. I'm leaning more toward modern-transitional.

I've attached the arch elevation. I tried to attach a photo of the in-progress home, but it doesn't seem to want to upload. I'd appreciate any input!!

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