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floor plan advice appreciated!!

Katie Mapes
2 months ago

I have posted a few times and have not really gotten any response so maybe I am asking for too much but I really would appreciate professional opinions if possible ! I hired a designer to help with space planning last week but she didn’t really come up with anything other than furniture arrangements which I did like to see but I was hoping for more of 3d images so I could visualize what I am getting myself into here😆 I will post a few photos of our floor plan and please if anyone sees a glaring issue or an idea of how I can move this thing around to make it better I would love it! No change is too big or too small. I have considered putting the fireplace on the back wall of the house but I’m not sure if that helps because then it is too open with no defined dining area but at least you can see the tv from everywhere in the house and I worry about walking around the fireplace if it is out in the middle of the floor as a pass through 🤷‍♀️

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