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Shutters advice please!

2 months ago

We painted our new home using a custom tint with Romabio mineral paint. It’s the same off white color we have used on a different house and turned out a creamy or “bone” or “antique white” color. Trying not to think it seems yellow. But it was too late to start over when I realized the color looked different on our new house. I actually drove to our old house by the way and the color looked identical. So the difference is this home has some white vinyl windows which we found out the day of painting we could not in fact have them painted and retain the warranty. This exacerbates the contrast on the body and trim but that is now a moot point. We want to see whether to put the brown shutters back or paint them a new color or leave them off. What do you think? I mocked this up in Paint. Thank you Houzz community!

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