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Toe kick vent under sink and garbage cabinents

Nate A
2 months ago

We are doing a remodel that includes moving the sink in our kitchen. This sink will also have under-sink garbage/recycling bins. We realized that the new sink location is over the current floor heating vent. So the vent will be rerouted to exit in a toe kick position under the cabinets.

We have similar vents in our bathrooms - in the toekick under the sink. We have noticed that even tho the duct to the vent is (we are told) insulated, the cabinet under the sink gets quite warm.
Is this going to be an issue under the sink? E.g. if we leave garbage under the sink too long will the heat cause condensation or something? Or do we just need to be super careful about putting food waste down there? Any other issues/concerns with having the vent in this location?

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