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spare room in master suite, what to do to make it usable?

Mickey Haley
2 months ago

The nicest room in our entire house is currently sitting unused and I’m looking for ideas. We have a very large master suite with a bathroom, two full sized walk in closets, and a small hallway leading to what was intended to be a nursery or an office (see photos). This room is especially nice because it has three very large south facing windows overlooking our property with a hilltop view down below. It’s also in the quietest part of the house furthest from all the action.

We are using one of our bedrooms as a nursery and given the amount of light this room gets, I don’t think a nursery is practical here anyways. We have an office downstairs that is much larger and has a full sized desk.

In short, I’m looking for inspiration for what to do here. I was thinking of a sitting room with a TV and a place to relax after hours that could also a reading room but I don’t have any great ideas about how to make it work.

If anyone has some thoughts that would be helpful. The room has a rectangular shape and I think it’s around 9 feet x 18 feet wide.

I am attaching photos of the room, as well as it’s entry way for context.

Please help!

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