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backsplash uneven install - again

Kitchen galley
2 months ago

Kitchen backsplash installed (arabesque style) looks uneven in spacing between the tiles which will cause grout lines to be different widths and some tiles were laid crooked. Some tiles don’t align with the top or bottom end points. Does this look like a professional install?
Is it reasonable to ask the contractor to reinstall this backsplash to be more aligned?
Backstory: I had asked my contractor to make sure he hired a professional to install this backsplash. This is after his crew previously poorly installed an expensive marble backsplash where he blamed the nature of the geometric marble shapes being the reason of unevenness and excess grout. In trying to “repair” the marble they started breaking it in sections which made it worse. This time I thought an arabesque solid porcelain tile would be easier to install vs the geometric marble.
After breaking the marble backsplash he did cover the cost of the labor and arabesque tile for this install but his cost is still not near what I paid for the previous marble.
Is it fair to ask the contractor to reinstall this arabesque tile again to have even grout lines and connecting tiles?

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