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Dryer and breaker sparks

Wingo Smith
2 months ago

I’m trying to figure if an electrical issue can be solved by replacing a bad breaker, a bad outlet, or requires us to service our dryer.

Our dryer wouldn’t power on this morning, so we checked the breaker. The breaker had tripped, but when we tried to reset the breaker, it sparked and tripped a bunch of other breakers.

We then unplugged the dryer and reset the breakers. When we tried to plug the dryer back in, the dryer plug sparked at the outlet.

Our house is 8 years old, so we’ve needed to replace other breakers as they quit working. But this kind of sparking was a first.

This could be an impossible question to answer, but does anyone have any insight on whether replacing the breaker would solve the problem? Or will we need to service the dryer or check the outlet for other electrical problems?

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