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Amazon Prime now adding Commercials!

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

And, I hate commercials! Remember when so many of us 'cut the cable cord' to supposedly make things cheaper? Well, actually we didn't-but came close and it sounded really good at the time. They got us again-getting us used to something and take it away.

Now we have all these apps we pay for-some still have commercials-some don't. I personally have too many different apps now I have purchased that maybe have one or two shows only I watch. Guess I need to take better inventory of what I currently have now and get rid of the apps WITH commercials-which I don't watch anyway.

Amazon Prime now going to charge us for commercial-free viewing. UGH! It was so much easier and now, probably cheaper with Cable and HBO, Showtime, etc., looking back. And, only on about four different channels, and no going back and forth on remotes-making it much easier on me.

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