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Beginner's first Barbeque

Kerry P.
2 months ago

I bought an Activa “Angular” Grillwagen a few years ago with item number 11245C

at an OBI (in Europe). I've never used it. In fact, I have never barbequed before. Now I want to use it.

I'm researching how to barbeque. I've learned that seasoning or curing the new grill grates is important. I have also learned that rust can be a problem.

But I have also heard that grill grates that have an enamelled porcelain surface don't need to be seasoned/cured. That in this case the curing/seasoning was done at the factory (I don't know if it is true.)

The problem I have is I don't know what material my grill grates are made of. The descriptions of my grill online sometimes say iron grates and sometimes say porcelain enamel. I contacted the company and they confirmed this: this grill comes in variants.

They told me to send some pictures so they could tell me which material was used to make my grates. They haven't written back yet (maybe they will), but I would like to get things moving because the good weather may not last.

Here are some pictures. When viewing the grill grates in person, they look black. However, in a different light and in some photographs they appear to be a different colour.

Please look at the pictures. What do you think: cast iron grates or an enamelled porcelain surface?

My second question, and this has to do with rust, is how to clean the outside of this grill. It was covered in a room for most of the last several years, but due to a house renovation was placed outside for two months. The cover blew off at one point, so there is some dust/dirt on the outside. Is there a gentle, safe way to clean this dirt off that will not lead to rust on the outside of the grill?

In regard to the inside of the grill...

I do have a manual that's in German. It says that before use to "wash the grill grate with warm soapy water" and to do the same with the "grill" after each use after using a suitable grill brush to remove grilled food deposits.

I'm a little surprised because I have heard that rust should be avoided, and I think I've heard that water should not be used cleaning grill grates.

Thank you for your help.

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