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Advice and Suggestion on House Painting Colour ?

2 months ago

Hello Everyone,

I’m looking to paint my bedroom, now I know this, to suggest a paint to colour a bedroom is like asking others what clothes would suit me Best ? But having said that, still the two examples are slightly different because for bedroom colour we can have some sort of General Consensus and opinion on what could work best and then ofcourse based on that one could modify according to his own personal objective and perspective, that is what I’m trying to do here. I have a colour in mind but still I would like to know if there are any other better colours suited for a bedroom so I have this colour in mind and I’m planning to paint my bedroom with this colour with a little bit of sheen. Maybe a medium sheen do you think this colour would look good in a bedroom?

I am generally not in favour of going for very warm tones. Medium warm tones is okay, but not very warm tones and not very dark tones, so I’m looking out for something like medium warm tones or cool tones. What are the colours that I could be looking at to paint a bedroom similarly any suggestions on what colour could do work best for living room and kitchen.

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