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Subzero designer columns: cabinet depth required?

Shella Zhang
2 months ago

Purchased two subzero columns, DEC3650RID & DEC1850FI . Both are panel ready. There is a long wait for these columns, but we are ready to install the kitchen cabinets, so want to make sure that we leave enough space to make these columns flush with other tall cabinets along the same wall. Looking for some insights / advice:

  • The units' depth is 24''. We have custom made cabinets which has a door panel of 3/4'' thickness. The installation guide says this would require 25'' of depth to make these columns flush.
  • If we leave 25'' from the wall to the doors of the cabinets, when the subzero columns come, can the units fit in perfectly flush? I am a bit nervous honestly.
  • 1) What happened to the power cord and plumbing cord for the subzero columns? -- I mean, do we need to leave some space behind the tall cabinets for those?
  • 2) What if the wall behind the cabinets (where the subzero columns are supposed to go) are not perfectly smooth and eat up a tiny bit of the intended 25'' depth?
  • Should I be on the safe side and leave a couple of more inches behind the cabinets? We can have tall side panels on the end cabinets to cover up the gap.


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