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Front walkway ideas - urgently need ideas

Amber Jo
2 months ago

We had to rip out our front steps as the pavers were crumbling and starting to flip, which created a safety hazard for delivery personal and my aging mother. So, we ripped out all the old stuff and have been working with a friend that works in the concrete trade. He is suggesting we just pour it as a whole concrete slab and then steps going up to the porch.

I am hoping someone on here has ideas what would work here. I know nothing about exterior design and feeling a bit overwhelmed as it is such a rush and we are under a time pinch.

I am not sure we want to do pavers again because we have soft sandy soil and even though the last ones were professionally installed, they eventually started becoming unlevel. Also, we have critters that like to bore under the pavers creating issues with them cracking. We are trying to address the critter issue, but it is still something we have to consider.

Anyone good at planning walkways, patios, or something similar? I would forever be grateful!

The area is about 20' (along the porch) x 13' (out from the porch). We do have room to come out further if needed.

Thank you!


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