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Wood facing different directions

Ka So
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

We are installing hardwood floors in our common areas, and they will have to run in a different direction than an adjoining room. Which is these scenarios is the lesser of two evils? (added depiction of layout in comments below)

Scenario 1: Wood in main areas (including entryway) is in different direction from family room, which is seen almost immediately upon entry, but in the same direction as all the bedrooms. We have a wraparound kitchen that touches both the family room and hallway, so with this option, one entry point into the kitchen will have rectangular tile in the same direction as the wood, while the other will have the rectangular tile in a different direction.

Scenario 2: Wood in main areas is same direction as family room, but different direction from all the bedrooms. This also will allow rectangular tiles in kitchen to be placed in same direction as wood at both entry points. Family room wood is currently side to side placed, which I think will make the entryway look more expansive.

Another consideration: the bedrooms are all off of a 3.5' wide hallway; not sure if horizontal or vertical placement generally looks better with this width.

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