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Crystal, Starmark, North American Cabinets, Fieldstone, vs Bridgewood

2 months ago

The 2023 cabinet manufacturers for upper-tier level cabinets has consolidated so it makes it hard to determine one line of cabinets with poor reviews vs another with decent opinions when both companies are owned by the same conglomerate. The recent pandemic also skewered opinions and reviews due to closed plants, lack of employees and production problems. I'm looking to evaluate the five named kitchen cabinet lines with fresh views and opinions that are timely therefore represents thoughts on these lines with today's standards. A couple are well known while others are niche players. Please include your opinion of these cabinets for quality but also customer service from the manufacturer during and after the cabinets were installed as that seems to be a stumbling block in today's consumer market. Love to hear the positives too.. if your choice of cabs was superior please add a quick line, kudos and shout-out for an excellent manufacturer!

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