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Staircase Help Please

7 months ago

We are working with a contractor who is installing a new staircase. Appreciate input on the following: (1) Is the starting post too narrow? (2) Where should the starting post be placed? It looks to us like the wrong starting posts and landing posts were used (the landing posts should have the same panel design as the starting post). The starting post looks disproportionately thin for the staircase (we think this might be a landing post that was used incorrectly as the starting post). Also, the placement of the starting post looks "off". It was first put on top of the first stair and looked ridiculous; I had to try to explain where it should go (I thought the contractor and carpenter should have had plans for this?). For this entry way, should the starting post go on the floor in front of and built into the first stair? Pictures are of current renovation underway and before pictures of the old staircase to give a sense of size and placement in the house. Thank you.

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