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Kitchen remodel - Layout struggles

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Hi! I am getting ready to completely remodel my 80's kitchen and am struggling with whether to keep the current island configuration or do a U-shape with peninsula. My designer feels the island is the way to go but I just keep coming back to the bare wall. We are planning to do a pass through to the family room beyond and put in some shelving for plants and such which will help it not look so awkward but I just don't know. What do you all think? If we keep the island I am moving the cooktop out of it and to the wall in the form of a range; it will go where the double ovens are currently. I don't like things in my island; no sink and no cooktop. This is creating a challenge as I have so many doors and obstacles in my room it is hard to find a place for everything and keep any form of symmetry. Also, what are your thoughts on the current placement of the fridge? I have attached pictures of my kitchen with the swanky blue counters as well as a floorplan and rendering I received from a designer. I am looking for a general look over and advice on basic floorplan. Thank you and I look forward to some open and constructive advice.

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