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How can I update a hideous salmon Tuscan kitchen??

2 months ago

We are buying a house with an outdated Tuscan kitchen. I hate, loathe, and despise the salmon color on the walls (and ceiling!!), so that is the first thing to be updated. The adjoining breakfast area and dining room are also the same hideous salmon color, so whatever color we choose will flow through that whole area. The cabinets are in good shape but will need to be painted at some point (not a fan of the two toned look), I'd like a light color on both. The countertops are tan brown granite and are in good shape, so we are planning to work around them. Now we just need to figure out what colors to paint the walls/ceiling with a plan for what to eventually paint the cabinets as well. While it's not going to happen right away, I also would like recommendations for how to update the backsplash. Thanks in advance for any help! I am seriously decoratingly challenged and have never attempted any kind of kitchen remodel!!

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