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Pergola Help- Stuck Between Two Companies

Claire Woods
2 months ago

Hello All,

Currently working on my current backyard as we added a pool and looking to enhance the outdoor space. Landscaper recommended a pergola for shade, so have been doing some research this past week regarding buying options. I narrowed down my options to Mirador Outdoors and Hanso Home. Was wondering if anyone had any experience with either of the two?

These are my current pros and cons of each:

- Mirador Outdoors: Great price compared to rest of market, would be able to install within two weeks, and presents a modern aesthetic- cons, is not customizable and only offers a few sizes... if I choose Mirador, I would be choosing their cherry wood pergola as I love the color.

- Hanso Home: Customizable! Love their warranty (10 years) and seems like a super high-quality material. Cons would not be able to receive for the next two months...which has me leaning more towards Mirador as I would like my landscaper to be able to install the pergola while he is here doing my current backyard renovation.

Leaning more towards making a purchase soon- but wanted to reach out to the community for any feedback if you had communications with either company.



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