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Another 80's Oak Kitchen needing help: Galley Style.

2 months ago

Hi there,

I've got an 80's builder's grade galley kitchen with low ceilings that looks old and cluttered. I can't seem to decorate it with any cohesiveness, either, even though I know what I like when I see it: clean, minimal, light and warm. I like copper, champagne, off white, natural materials, sometimes with a pop of color if done right. I've seen some painted cabinets that look nice in theory but because I don't want them to chip and plan to move in a few years, I'd rather keep what I got.

I need design help. Everything looks cluttered even though I only have practical items available. I'm thinking of adding hardware to the cabinets and I'm open to replacing the ceiling light. I like my rug and love my flooring. I like champagne hardware but I worry it pulls too bright, and I like brass but worry it makes it all look more dingy. My sink is stainless (which I hate, but I don't think I can change that without updating counters?) and so is my fridge and oven, dishwasher is black (maybe we will have to replace that soon. Was thinking white or stainless).

Here are a few pictures of the whole kitchen as is:

Here's a quick shot of the champagne and brass examples. In real life the champagne is more gold and the brass is darker:

What would you do given the above? Are the styles of cabinet pulls I chose awful with the old cabinets or do they work? Is there any other information I could provide? Thank you so much for your time and inspiration.

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