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Miele combi steam oven(DGC7860XXL):cabinet depth required&installation

Shella Zhang
2 months ago

Miele combi steam oven (DGC 7860 XXL ) & Speed Oven ( H 7840 BM 24” )

We purchased these two ovens and are trying to figure out how much cabinet depth and how much space behind the cabinet we need to leave when it comes to installation in order to do flush.

In this spec sheet, it seems to state a 24 15/16'' cutout depth and then at the bottom right picture shows a 1 11/16'' for the electric power cord. Does it mean that 1) we will need to customize the cabinet to have a cutout depth of 24 15/16'' and 2) when installing the cabinets, leave another 1 11/16'' space behind the cabinet for the power cord, making it total of 26 10/16''?

Thanks for any advice.

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