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Grande next regret?

Moses, Pittsburgh, W. PA., zone 5/6, USA
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Planted two, 1 gallon size Grande Amore bushes this past spring. They came from Heirloom Roses. I wanted a red, big bloomed, hybrid tea, on the short side, disease free (?), winter hardy, etc., I chose Grande Amore, from Kordes. It's an ADR winner and has multiple other accolades from here in the USA and from abroad.

So far it looks like that if it turns out to be a nice rose, it will take years to do so. Miserably slow growth, very scanty blooming are its best attributes! At about 14" tall now, 2" taller than it was when planted, I suppose the Kordes, "CURSE," of slow to get going, years slow, could be what I'm up against.

I know that with most own root roses, quart or gallon size, the old adage, " first year it sleeps, second year it creeps, third year it leaps," applies, but if you have information that will encourage me to be patient and wait, or kick the bum out of my garden, please respond.

BTW, the two Grande Amores are planted about 4' from each other in the same fairly rich soil with good light, i.e., ideal growing conditions by me estimation and they both are annoyingly disappointing, the same runts in all respects. Their neighboring new Apricot Candys, also gallon size from Heirloom and planted at the same time this past spring have tripled in size and are in bud for a try at a fourth flush....which may not occur as cold weather is setting in.


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