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Quartzite question(s)

Steve Deck
2 months ago

I’m wondering if I’m being too critical since I’m not all that familiar with quartzite. We found stone we really likes and decided to go with a well established supplier who we have had good success with in the past and have/had trust in. They installed the stone yesterday and it was discovered that they’d cut at least one of the pieces too big (probably more like 3). They tried to trim it on site which caused other issues with it and are recutting it and will be installing it tomorrow. My issue at the moment is that the stone on each side of the seam appears to be bruised(?) calling a ton of attention to the seam (not to mention we asked that they avoid using as much of the “pink” areas as possible but laid it out so that it is in one of the most prominent locations of the countertop. Can the bruising be corrected so that it’s less noticeable?
The other question I have is the 3cm quartzite 3cm +/- or is supposed to be a true 3cm (1 1/4”)? If +/- how much of a +/- is acceptable?
Thanks for your help.

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