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Acer japonicum 'Ed Wood #2' - 2nd flush of growth in September

5 months ago

Zone 8b Oregon...

I know a lot of Acer species have a second flush of growth in mid-summer, usually early August in Cascadia. I've seen it with A. saccharum, A. triflorum, A. shirasawanum and especially A. palmatum.

But my A. japonicum 'Ed Wood #2' (aka 'Ed Wood') started leafing out for the second time in late August and has been growing very slowly but steadily, and is still going strong, now in late September. Buds that formed earlier in the summer are now opening, while those that opened in August have grown several inches and show no signs of stopping. This is on every terminal, not just a few like I've seen on most other Acers.

Several of my other Acers had 2nd flushes of growth this summer, but they are now slowing down and hardening off, but not Ed Wood, he is covered with fuzzy new leaves. I'm not too concerned, but I thought some of the gardeners here might find it interesting.

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