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3cm quartz or 2cm quartz for island with waterfall, mitered edge?

Shella Zhang
2 months ago

We got some 3cm Cambria Portrush (gorgeous!) and German made kitchen cabinets (Leicht to be exact). Asked the GC to do mitered edge with waterfall on a 8ft island, plus regular counter / backsplash etc. GC said the fabricator can do it, but told me that the fabricator suggested us to switch all stones to 2cm --- reason being that 3cm would be too heavy and the cabinets may be damaged a few years later. First I heard about this kind of concern. I am trying to read between the lines --- whether it is truly a concern or is it becasue of the price that the GC needs to pay to the fabricator. (Our project price at a total, so all these fabrication is included already in what the GC will charge us, but I obviously don't know whether the price paid by the GC to the fabricator would impact their recommendation).

Can anyone share the insights on this please. I will ask my sales guy on the Leicht side as well. It is hard for me to imagine German cabinets would be that flimsy -- we don't have experience with European style or European cabinets before this remodel.

Thank you!

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