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Let's Exchange Experiences with C2 Paint Luxe

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I know very little about paint but...

I used C2 in a kitchen reno in the early 2000s and then again when we moved into our new place in 2013 and painted the kitchen, living room/dining room, and upstairs hall a range of saturated C2 colors that you can see in these photos (C2 Salty Brine, Jazz, Amontillado, and Live Wire) instead of doing any renovations.

Now with a significant renovation 3/4 of the way done for this 1960 split level, we're hitting the time where we have to choose our paint colors and not take too much longer with it.

Other than the color combinations, my main puzzle, I have three other questions. 1. I see now there is a line called "Studio" and I would love to hear others' thoughts on how it compares with Luxe, if you happen to have used both or chosen between the two. 2. I'd welcome any experiences, good and bad, of how painters who have never used C2 paint before. I feel that my second experience was possibly less than ideal. 3. In my area C2 is a drive away and the shipping to get it otherwise is prohibitive. What is the deal with their current distribution system?

So—I am keen to hear about C2's white colors since we never used them, because this time around we will. I now have ultimate paint chips that include, in the white range, Jicama and Lumen, [We have Oracle and Dorian Gray UPCs but they are not really candidates for this one big open plan room]. I tried to get the chips in Coconut, Mainsail, and Ferrous, but they seem to be out of stock. I should mention this one big room is south-facing with a lot of windows on that south-facing wall, and almost no wall blocking the light. On the north-facing wall there are no windows because it is a split level.

We tend to like more than one wall color within each room (See photos for some of our last combinations of C2 colors). With our open plan becoming even more open with this renovation, the color scheme is a little more challenging. Our floor in the one large room is going to be a sea of blue marmoleum instead of the wood we had before, so we won't be using dark blue in the same way this time around (C2 Jazz is the dark blue accent color in the photos of the pre-renovation house). We're leaning toward the Live Wire or Amontillado again along one of the long walls in the open plan, with a white on another long wall, and either a white or the pale yellow (maybe C2 Grits) on the ceiling. However, we are considering C2 Firefly on a single, smaller wall, and there could be some accent using C2 Blackberry).

Big chips: C2 Jicama, Amontillado, Grits on the bottom.

Small chips: C2 Salty Brine, Coconut.

Railings to second level and longest LR wall were C2 Salty Brine. I've forgotten the name of the green paint in the hallway up there.

Shorter wall of LR was C2 Amontillado with Jazz accent on the fireplace. Long wall was Live Wire ( a darker orange) with Jazz window trim.

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