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Lighting over window/off center sink ?? Help, electric in progress!!

2 months ago

We're in the midst of remodeling the kitchen on a 1905 home. Two side by side windows are above the sink, with the farmhouse sink centered below the right window - not ideal, but I wanted to be looking out the window to the landscape, not at the wide moulding in between the two windows, and needed more counter space to the left side .

I had planned to put a farmhouse wall light over the center of the two windows but now believe that would really look off balance and accentuate the off center sink placement. There are already LED puck lights over the aisle in front of the sink, but we'll still need lighting over the sink. The cabinets are built and sink position cannot be changed. There's also not enough room to offset the faucet to the center of the windows to make it look more balanced. Ceilings are 9'. Blue tape in photo below right window marks outsides of kitchen sink. Only solution I can think of is to use another puck light above the sink. Any additional suggestions for lighting would be much appreciated. FYI, architects plans are way off from elevation - there is only a small space between the bottom of windows and counter (not the 4 classic subway tile height shown.)

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