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Dala horse print as a gift?

2 months ago

My 13 year old DGD is an equestrian and has won numerous ribbons. Suffice it to say she's really into horses. Over the years I give her some wall decor which she really likes.

Is the print too juvenile? I read somewhere that it looks great in a nursery. lol Yes, it's cheap but it's for decor only.

Comes in all colors.

Dala Horse print

I have to throw this in. DGD turned 13 a couple of weeks ago & for her birthday they took her to a mighty fine hotel across the street where OKC was having a rodeo. Bull riding. The next morning they took her to brunch.

But look what they gifted her when they got to the hotel. The whole outfit, from boots to hat.

Turning 13 is huge. :)

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