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Filing a complaint with a medical board or any other options?

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I'm curious if anybody has ever filed a complaint with a medical board or what else you can do when you have been mistreated by a doctor. Any suggestions if it is really worth doing so or at what level to take it. I'm not interested in pursuing a lawsuit at this time although I think I may meet the basics criteria for filing it this time around. My main thing is I don't want this doctor or any other at the facility to put another woman through this either because they happen to be the right age for menopause. If a person tells you they have no menopausal symptoms then it means something else must be going on especially if there is a clear symptom provided with proof via pictures of a symptom that is not menopause related. Unfortunately from searches in general and what others have told me after telling them about my experience I find that this seems to be very common to happen to women in particular. My main goal would be to try to do something to keep that from happening.

This is the second time in my life a misdiagnosis has been made that is not a minor thing. I swore after the first one happened I was not going to let it go again, hence thinking about what I can do as this time I do have some damage that according to the doctor I now don't trust will reverse itself and can do so faster with PT.

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