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foundation help

2 months ago

I have termites and they are tearing up my crawlspace! After noticing a slope in my kitchen floor we had someone come out to inspect. The foundation company said its all termite damage. They want to replace the main beam, sillplates, and sister floor joists, also install band board. This company was rather expensive and I felt its was very sales based. He made comments on how his boss wants him to add services we really don't need but he is saving us money and wanted us to guess the pricing with added services and then when he took off services. Also told us that we could get the work done and then treat for termites because he didn't think they are active. 2nd company said don't need to replace but add sister joists and fix it up (I apologize as I really don't understand what they are technically doing) Also this company mentioned water damage spots as well but then called and said it was to big of a job. 3rd company said termites and spots of water damage but not taking things out but fixing and building it back up with possible reframing in the crawlspace. He is going to talk to a structural engineer and get back with me regarding pricing. 4th company came out and said they will need to place a lot but also mentioned that will take care of the slope but not take care of the moisture issue. He said duct work needs updated, its not insulated and it will drip, also said he would do some work around my house in my yard to build it up where the water wont go into the house because there are some spots in my yard and driveway that goes toward the home. The main guy seemed like he knew what he was doing but asked how long do I plan on staying at my home and I said 5 to 6 years and the guy with him then mentioned they could help with our resale value and update our kitchen. I have another coming out tomorrow but I want to make a good choice and it seems all seem to be thinking differently. Also, I am getting quotes on termite control, again all have gave me different options! any advice would be helpful!

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