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GFCI in box with 4 cables

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Replacing Outlet under kitchen sink with Leviton GFCI (GFTR1-W). Outlet is Switched for garbage disposal and the box feeds direct to dishwasher. AFAIK those are the only 2 appliances or receptacles on the circuit.

There must 4 cables coming into box (I can't see nor feel all the cables) as there are 4 whites, 4 blacks and 1 red. I understand what 3 of the cables are for (incoming from panel, to switch, to dishwasher) but not the fourth.
* I assume the 3-wire w/red is the switched leg.
* A nut ties the 1 red to a black.
* A nut ties 2 black to 1 white. See below pics.
* The old outlet had 1 black on hot, 3 whites on neutral side.

My question: can I use this GFCI to replace this outlet or do I need a different one? The instructions say "do not use in boxes containing more than 2 cables", but is this an exception if there is only 1 hot on Line and one cable bypasses it going directly to the dishwasher?

If this GFCI will work, should I use the old outlet's hot black and find its PAIR white from the same incoming cable to put on the GFCI Line and put the remaining two whites on the bottom Load white sides?

Thanks in advance.

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