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What to do with deciduous cuttings now that fall is here

5 months ago

I rooted some Dwarf Buttonbush (Cephalanthus occidentalis) in early August using a new method for me, a homemade plant cloner with constant root aeration and misting. The test cuttings (along with some Snowberry Symphoricarpos albus) did fine. They were then transplanted into soiless medium. They have done better than previous cuttings (rooting hormone in soil.)

After seven weeks they look like the attached photo. You can see the large, dark green leaf of the original cutting. All else is new growth.

I'm in zone 6. What do I do about the upcoming Fall and change in light to have them ready for next year? They are under grown lights 15 hours a day.

I don't have a coldframe. Do I let them grown inside, under the lights until the spring (and not experience a season)? I envision much larger plants that might not fit anymore.

This is my first time rooting deciduous shrubs and the seasons-thing has got me concerned.



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