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Preslope hiccups

2 months ago

Hi, we’re using old school method to remodel the shower, preslope, liner, top mud, tile. This is for the preslope, the tiler mixed the 209 floor mud too wet yesterday, when I find it, he is almost the preslope. This morning we find it is pitched correctly with the far side towards the drain kinda of 1/4 lower, so they convinced me this is just sand and cement, so they can adjust the lower side. So they sand it and spray some water, after that they put another layer mud to make the slope works. Technically, can you add another layer of mud over the existing layer even it is within 24 hours of the first layer made? As I mentioned before, the first layer set up yesterday is like wet mud, and the second layer is like dry mud, we use the laticrete 209 floor mud