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Paint Color Suggestions for My Work Office, Please.

2 months ago

I am going from a private office with two windows to a semi-private one with one window. Once the new office's occupant moves, probably around November, all the junk she doesn't take with her will be gone. I am banishing it because I tend toward minimalism but not too much. I definitely do not like a lot either; I'd probably call it "just right-ism," kind of like Goldilocks and the porridge.

I can also choose my paint colors. I love a lot of colors but am drawn especially to emerald. My home is green and white (the latter, BM's Chantilly Lace, as I lean cool), and I am thinking that for the office too. What green colors do you think look exceptionally nice? I think emerald on the walls would be too much but I can bring it in using art, etc.

Please be specific when discussing the greens, naming the manufacturer and paint name. I won't have a choice in the brand used, though.

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