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Recommendation for cordless vacuum. Update on my purchase.

2 months ago
last modified: last month

There are a lot of threads on this topic, but they're either pre-2020 or from forums I don't frequent.

I have a decent Shark standup vac, corded, heavy-ish, lives in the garage. It's fine for a thorough clean, but that's not what I need right now.

I have two cats and my daughter's is currently staying here. All three are indoor-only cats. The litter tracked (or kicked) out of the boxes each day is too much for my little Oxo brush and dust pan. I don't want to lug the Shark in every day.

I want something fairly lightweight, with a decent battery (won't be cleaning the entire house), that picks up cat hair and litter from both wood floors and carpet.

Any recommendations?

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