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Opposite of Foodie/Fancy - need a recipe for Fall Picnic

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I am attending a fall picnic next weekend - the hostess will be serving a variety of soups and hot dogs cooked over an open fire. I want to take a fall dish that will please both kids and adults... about 30 ppl.

I can take anything I want but I am mindful of disrupting the plan for the casual meal. I am leaning towards a rustic dessert ... thinking apple hand pies or brownies/blondies with a fall twist? Apple dumplings? pumpkin muffins?

Or what about something savory as a snack to go with beer and cocktails? empanadas? sausage rolls?

What sounds good to you given the core menu ... oh, and must be easy to pack up, travel and serve outside. The house is nearby but pretty sure she won't want us traipsing into the house to use the oven.

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