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faucet hole squeezed too close between sink and wall

Katie Bickell
2 months ago

After 15 years living with ugly laminate, my husband and I are painting cabinets and hired a local countertop company to install quartz counters. We’re paying about $4500 and we are in Alberta, Canada. So far I have paid a deposit of $2500.

The counters are installed and they look good. However, the island sink was cut so that there is just over 6” of counter in front of it. That means that there wasn’t enough room for us to mount a faucet behind it (see photos). The counter company came back a few days after instal and apologized. They “fixed” the problem by cutting down the metal parts so that they now fit. However, we don’t know how or if we’ll be able to change faucets in the future now. They also created small cracks in our kitchen island and caulked over them. We asked them to strip the caulking and fix the cracks with filler (I plan to paint the island). They simply stripped the original silicone and then siliconed over the cracks with a white silicone instead of a clear one (no idea how they thought that would help). The new silicone has already separated from the counter tops and is just hanging out on the island.

Am I being to picky here? Do I ask them to fix anything after they’ve already tried to repair things a second time? Would you insist on a new slab, or trust them to try a third time?

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