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flooring for kitchen/dining room

Gin J
2 months ago

Trying to pick out new flooring for my kitchen/ dining area.
I have new walnut cabinets which I love!! Whitby Cambria countertops (also love and thank you Anderson Cabinets for both!).
Busy summer and time to make a decision before the holidays.
I posted before and have narrowed it down to a few options and would love some critiquing and comments.
( fyi- The dining room table will be replaced).
Below are photos of the different products. One is engineered white oak, then Adura Southern Oak LVP,
Third is Mannington Wheat waterproof laminate.
Fourth is Mohawks Rev Wood Sunbathed Pecan.
Just my husband and I at home with occasional visits from the grandkids… no dogs.
Our floor is slightly out of level in a couple places so either a click and lock or a floating floor was recommended by the installer. Can’t nail through the leveling compound.
I am told that LVP is the most durable, but don’t like the feel of it.
Love the feel of wood…. Definitely have to be cautious about dropping things and protect the floor from chair legs.
Laminate feels more like wood but much more durable.
My pet peeve is a floor that makes noise if you walk on it. The engineered floor needs a pad underneath it.
Would it be better to choose a floor like the laminate or LVP that has the pad attached?
Will post photos separately

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