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A Recap of Our Yukon and Alaska Land & Cruise Trip

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Some of you asked me to tell you about our 2 week cruise & land tour to The Yukon and Alaska once we got back. It’s taken me a week to rest up, unpack and get myself back on New Mexico time! But, here’s some pics and info about our trip.

It was a wonderful, whirlwind adventure, let me tell you! The scenery was breathtaking, the food was too delicious (LOL), and the folks in our tour group were great. Some, I know, will be forever friends. We flew into Vancouver 2 days early, to give ourselves wiggle room in case of flight delays. And, to explore the city a bit. The second half of our flight there ended up being 2 hours late which had us taking a cab during their evening rush hour. In all my life, and in all our many travels, I have never, ever seen more cars and trucks on the roads at one time! It was unbelievable and our cab driver was a crazed maniac, but he did (miraculously!) get us there unharmed!

I’d booked our pre-cruise stay at the Lonsdale Quay Hotel on the north side of Vancouver Harbor so that we could explore the great Shipyards area there. What great restaurants, shops, and views! We also took the Seabus across the harbor to the Downtown area and explored there a bit, too. This is also where we boarded our ship. This first pic is where we had dinner one evening before our cruise at Joey Shipyards (a restaurant). Our table on their covered patio looked across the bay towards Downtown Vancouver. It was so beautiful!

Here I am (face blurred, sorry) up on the top deck of our ship as we were getting ready to depart Vancouver.

And, one of the many salons onboard where you could get a drink and enjoy the view. A good thing, as it was fairly drizzly!

I have more to write and more pics, so please give me a few minutes to finish posting below.

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