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Decor for 2 kids room

2 months ago

Hi folks! Now that I’ve landed on the layout for my kids room, I would love some input on the decor. The kids are 4 and 7 and a bit still in a destructive stage so not trying to get anything too expensive/easily ruined (like a white rug). I would like it to be colorful, but not too busy. And I would like it to look cohesive and not like a hodgepodge of furnishings that are trying to match but not really.

Here is the layout, and a collage of what I am thinking thus far. The center is the wallpaper I like, which would go on the long wall. I like the colors in the wallpaper, but I have found it hard to find furniture/bedding that matches the colors in the wallpaper. However, I can change the colors, and if so I would probably switch out the teal for a color closer to navy blue and a more jewel green. If I can find good coordinating decor, I am happy to stick with the current colors.

The collage includes the bed that I have selected, a bookcase that I already own (Ikea Billy) and a large chair that pulls out into a bed. I also am considering doing the alcove wall in the yellow accent (color match with wallpaper) with a white desk. This is my favorite small desk that fits and has some storage, but I don’t know that it fits style-wise. The other walls would be white. The green dresser is one I found that seems like it goes with the wallpaper, even if not the exact color. The blue dresser is one I prefer (seems sturdier) and would use if I changed the colors on the wallpaper. I included 4 bedding options. Either both black. One coral one teal in the textured matching comforters or perhaps both in the black and white space theme.

Happy for any input on this as well as suggestions for rugs and curtains. I’m leaning toward black curtains.

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