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Cork flooring help? pattern? colour? company??

E Shef
2 months ago

I'm redoing my kitchen and would really like to do a floating cork floor. I have original oak floors (1950s house) in the living room next to the kitchen. My first choice would have been to have the original hardwood extend into the kitchen. I was crossing my fingers that by some miracle the oak floors were hidden by the subfloor under the ceramic tile that just came up. No such luck.

I know that I can't match the old hardwood and I do not want to replace what I have, or even refinish it as the wood floor is in good shape. So, I've decided on cork for the kitchen, hoping to compliment the rooms.

There are many properties about the cork floors that I like. What I'm having trouble with is deciding on what colour of cork to get and perhaps more importantly what brand. I live in Canada so the companies I think available to me are Cancork, DuroDesign and Jelinek. Full disclosure, I already have boxes of cork planks that I ordered from Jelinek. Sadly, now that I have the bigger planks (not just a tiny sample) I don't love the pattern and the colour isn't quite right for complimenting the wood floors in the adjacent room. So I'm cutting my losses and trying again -- just more cautiously this time.

Any suggestions? feedback? Should I give up on the cork idea and just go with some other material?

This picture shows a couple of planks of the cork floor I got on the hardwood of the living room.

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