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I love this licorice! Thank you, U.S.

2 months ago

When we were in Seneca, we shopped at TJ Max and popped into the Dollar Tree. I bought a package of black licorice. OMG, so good!!! I figured I could buy more at our own, but it's Made in USA, so not a chance.

My friend is a shopper and buys purses, she has Lots of purses. She also bought a pair of boots, and when she got home she decided she didn't like them so she wanted to go back and return them. I bought 2 tops and one I wasn't as struck on as I originally thought, but I cut the tags off thinking I wouldn't be going back.

Wrong, Sunday we went back again, just for the day. I drove this time. TJ Max refunded our money no problem, even with the tags cut off. It's easy to put them back on, so I was hoping there wouldn't be an issue.

I really wanted jeans, and found a pair that were really comfortable, and the boot cut style that I wear. But they had that dreaded waist-gap at the back. Target, WM, had only the horrible skinny, tight, and ripped jeans. Not a good look for mature women. Get with it, corporations!

And I bought 5 more packs of licorice.

In December Johnny Reid is coming to Fallsview Niagara casino for a night!! I mentioned it to C. She gets to see shows for free and usually free rooms. She's not sure she can get a room at Fallsview, she hasn't played there in a while. And neither of us like driving late at night, any distance, especially when the weather can be iffy. So we decided we'd do the show, then drive next door to Seneca, play a bit and stay over. (free room there, for her)

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