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Cellular shades that don’t come unglued?

2 months ago

We moved into a new home and want to install top down bottom up shades in the windows. At our last house, we went the “cheap” route and bought top down bottom up cellular shades from Real Simple at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. The shades that were in the sun started to come unglued / became separated within 2-3 years.

Are there brands that don’t use glue to connect the shades to each other? Has anyone had good experiences with cellular shades - especially in the sun? We’re willing to spend more to get quality, but it’s really hard to figure out the materials/construction of different brands’ shades.

We’re open to Roman shades, but they don’t seem to have many cordless options for top down bottom up. If you have had better (or worse) experiences with Roman shades vs. cellular, that would be great to know too!


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