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Help for yellow/green north paint color, PLEASE!

Kelley Smith
10 days ago

I need help with a paint color dor this north facing room with lots of green foliage reflecting from the windows. this room is a blank slate, really, with no reference points other than the wood trim that will stay, although i do not like it, but cost is prohibiting us from painting it at this time. I used an edesign consultant and we came up with the colors shown, as they are allegedly neutrals. . these pics were taken in natural light. To me they are drab and dirty looking, too yellow, and at times picking up too much green reflection from outside, with these issues being amplified the later in the day it gets. ive heard people use the term ”highlighter yellow” on this site. that applies here. the pics dont do it justice. The pics depict these colors as warmer than they do IRL. maybe im asking too much. every source says north light is blue-grey, but not in my home. its green. maybe when the foliage goes away in the winter it will be be. Midwest USA. i want a cleaner off white or beige, but nothing stark and chalky. the swatches are SW Natural Tan, Natural Linen, White Duck, and Aesthetic White. im in a small town with no access to a live consultant. PLEASE help! thank you.

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